200hr Yoga Teacher Training

Living Yoga w/ Natalie Dawn

@Yoga Isla Vista

Summer 2019

There are many paths of Yoga. Here in the West, one of the most common is the physical practice of asana, and what is for most of us the first introduction.  For many students the physical mat practice gives you complete satisfaction or contentment (santosha), and for other students it opens a door. Behind this door is an awakening of curiosity, of wanting to understand more.  For most, this desire begins and ends with their acquisition of knowledge. Others, however, are called upon to share their wisdom.

This 200hr Yoga Teacher Training is the first step to what is beyond the door.  An opportunity to explore, feed your wonder and deepen not only your physical practice, but taste other practices of yoga in which you can fold into every aspect of your life.

The Journey will lay the foundation for a structured physical practice for yourself or the beginnings of finding your voice to lead.  We will cover anatomy of the poses, philosophy, history of yoga, Ayurveda, learn by observing, the what, why and how of sequencing and their methods, building a home practice and, naturally, we will work on adjustments and practice teaching.

This training is for those looking to empower their teaching voice as well as those with a desire to dive into a deeper understanding of their practice and a Yogic life.

FREE info Session January 17th 7-8pm : Mini yoga practice and question period.

Please RSVP as space is limited


"I took Nat's teacher training with the intention of simply gaining more knowledge for my own yoga practice. However, upon completing the training I gained something much more precious: a feeling of spiritual awakenedness, a sense of community, and a deeper understanding of myself. Natalie creates a nurturing teaching environment through her sense of humor, calming energy, and extensive knowledge of yoga and Ayurveda. I highly recommend Natalie's yoga classes, workshops, and teacher trainings."

Kari Oslie - Teacher Training Graduate 2018

"Doing my 200-hr YTT with Natalie allowed me to deepen my practice, understanding, and joy in yoga. There is so much to learn and Natalie makes the information easy and digestible - while keeping the training sacred and light. She is a wealth of knowledge and has the ability to make her students feel trusted, respected, and confident. She lives her truth and it is truly inspiring to learn from someone like her everyday. Teacher training changed my perspective on everything!"

Annalise Dowd - Teacher Training Graduate 2017

“Natalie is, without a doubt, the most influential yoga teacher I've had the pleasure of working with in this life. She inspires me to continue to question the dogmas of tradition and utilize the teachings that work best for me in my unique journey and body without losing the respect for yoga as a wholesome science. Most importantly, she has helped me incorporate a sense of play into my practice, in a way that has trickled into all facets of my life. I am deeply called to continue to learn with her, and call upon her perspectives when I practice with others around the world. Take a training with her; you won't regret it.”

Trenton Doyle - Graduate of TT 2015 & Aerial Yoga Training 2016

“ I had the privilege to train under Natalie Sampila for my 200hr as well as my Aerial Yoga Training. Beyond this, I worked with her at her studio, Better Days Yoga and had a lot of one on one mentorship opportunities around teaching Yoga. Natalie has an extremely well rounded knowledge that goes beyond Yoga. She has a deep understanding of Ayurveda, anatomy, classic postural alignment as well as knowing that each body is different. She has consistently deepened her own practice under many different styles and many different teachers opening up her understanding beyond one way of approaching yoga. Natalie understands teaching in a deep way and I would recommend studying under her any day.” 

Chelsea Willet - Local Yoga Teacher and Artist

“Before I took the 200 hr. teacher training with Natalie, yoga was just a physical practice for me. It made me feel better emotionally but I didn’t know why. Natalie’s deep knowledge, patience, kindness and ability to connect lit the path I continue to follow on this life long journey. Knowing that I have her continued encouragement and support has helped me feel steady and strong whether on or off my mat.”

Chelsea Leopardi - Graduate 2017 & Local Yoga Teacher